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Structural assembly set EN 15048 Steel Right Hot dip galvanized 8.8 ISO metric M12X110

  1. ART NR 01405.120.110
  2. EAN 8715494283809
  3. UBB 500574459219
  4. UNSPSC 31161620

Price per 

Package: 50
Full Box only
Remarks (lov) class
  • Full boxes only.
Driving features Hexagon
W.a.f. 18
Remarks (text) group
  • European constructions must comply with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) in order to ensure the safety of persons and objects.
  • Generally, construction products according to harmonized European standards (hEN standards) should be used for this purpose. Bolting assemblies for non-preloaded structural bolting according to EN 15048-1 are compliant with the CPR.
  • The manufacturer of the assemblies is CE certified for their production.
  • Bolts and nuts are packaged together in single sealed boxes.
  • A Declaration of Performance (DoP) is available.