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WERA 3867/1 TS TORX SB 10X25

  1. ART NR 7C171758
  2. EAN 4013288117670
  3. UBB 500643268096
  4. UNSPSC 31161507
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05073620001

Price per 

Package: 1

High quality bits out of stainless steel for recessed TORX® screws. Wera stainless are made out of stainless steel which prevents the formation of unsightly extraneous rust. Come with Torsion zone: Torsion bits take-up torque peaks and absorb them in the Torsion zone. This prevents premature wear and extends the service life of the bit. 1/4" hexagon, suitable for holders as per DIN ISO 1173-D 6.3.

Solution to the extraneous rust problem: fasten stainless screws with stainless tools For recessed TORX® screws Torsion design against premature wear 1/4" hexagon drive Take it easy tool finder: colour coding according to profile and size

Length (L) (mm) 100
Content (pcs) 1
Driving TX 10
Size 1 x TX 10x25
Weight (g) 8