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  1. ART NR 4O979995
  2. EAN 5733439738057
  3. UBB 500645554642
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  738057

Price per 

Package: 1

raaco FlightCase is a series of 3 water and dust proof cases that meet the requirements from ISO IP67. The cases are made of high grade plastics (PP) which is resistant to chemicals and suitable for use in the majority of environments and in cold weather (-20 C). The piston valve levels out pressure when the cases are transported in air cargo. The practical and robust design ensures a lightweight case that is easy to clean, protects the surface agains scratches and is stable when standing upwards. You can both sit and stand on your raaco FlightCase. The locks are easy to open and close - even with one hand. The holes attached to top and bottom makes it possible to lock and seale the case. The inner space can be adjusted to required products with layes of soft foam.

Robust & ergonomic handle: Provides easy and comfortable handling Water and dust proof: Keeps items in FlightCase dry and dustfree in line with ISO IP67 Resistant to chemicals: Time and cost saving Stability by design: Avoids falling over and usable as small chair No sharp edges: Less change on damaging surfaces Practical design: Lightweight, easy to clean, effictive and flexible Case made of high grade plastics: Very strong material suitable for use in the majority of environments and in cold weather (-20 C) Lockable holes attached to lid and bottom: Lockable at your choice Multi-point hinges: Sturdy and very robust design Piston valve: Levels out preassure when transported in air cargo Two to four sturdy locks: Keeps contents safe and easy locking Can be equiped with layers of Soft foam: Adjust inner space to required products With trolley system and two wheels

Width (mm) 604
Carrying capacity (kg) 30
Content (pcs) 1
Depth (mm) 473
Height (mm) 225