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  1. ART NR 90247FIS
  2. EAN 4006209902479
  3. UBB 500616785175
  4. UNSPSC 31161607
  5. Manufacturer article nr  90247

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Package: 1

Advantages - The optimised geometry minimises setting energy and allows for use in extremely narrow spaces. This allows for user-friendly installation. - The three-part expansion sleeve creates even load distribution, thus allowing small edge and axial spacing. Thus the TA M is extremely flexible. - The metric internal thread allows to use standard screws or threaded rods for the ideal adaptation to suit the intended use. - The red plastic cap protects against soiling and thus ensures free-running of the thread.

Functioning - The TAM is suitable for pre-positioned installation. - When applying the torque, the cone is pulled into the expansion sleeve and expands it against the drill hole wall. - For correct installation, it must be ensured that the pre-positioned anchor TA M can be supported on the attachment, or that the threaded rod is countered. - Determining the screw length l s : Screw length l s = Length of fixing + Thickness of fixture t fix + Thickness of washer.

Diameter (d-D) M10
Drill ø 15
Plug length 69