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  1. ART NR 2S663593
  2. EAN 4007123101252
  3. UBB 500647383008
  4. UNSPSC 39121031
  5. Manufacturer article nr  1159870816

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Package: 1

Super-Solid SL 544 D FI IP 44 Extension Socket. Water-jet protected version for universal outdoor use and permanent use on sites, IP 44, acc. to VDE. The top quality and break-resistant plastic housing with a wide surface guarantees easy and safe operation. Connecting cable with an RCD plug. With circuit breaker plug 30 mA to protect against electrical shocks. With illuminated 2-pole switch with protection cover. Splash-water protected, widely-spaced sockets fitted with seals and self-closing covers to protect against contamination, as per VDE. Sockets in a practical 45° arrangement. With a very stable suspension bracket for wall fixing. Cable length: 5 m. Cable: H07RN-F 3G1,5. Cable quality: Rubber-Neoprene. Cable colour: Black. Length approx.: 52 cm. Socket: 5. Colour: Yellow.