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Facom Glue kit CR.GP-KIT

  1. Kod artykułu 2V375522
  2. Numer EAN 3662424046551
  3. UBB 500637317859
  4. UNSPSC 60105704
  5. Artykuł producenta nr CR.GP-KIT

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Pełne opakowanie: 1 sztuk

Special bodywork glue cleaned with rubbing alcohol. Easy to use. CR.GPSH Slide puller and set of 10 bits. CR.GPP Screw puller and set of 10 bits. CR.PRK-3 Set of 3 plastic jets. CR.GLUE: Box of dent removal glue for. (1 KG) to be used with hot glue gun type FACOM 900A. Storage box BP.C19.