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  1. ART NR 6L408406
  2. EAN 4013288183934
  3. UBB 500643547028
  4. UNSPSC 27112836
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05051043001

Price per 

Package: 1

ESD-safe Wera tool. 16 bits. Includes 2 816 R ESD holders, multi-component for high working speeds and particularly ergonomic screwdriving. Dependable protection against electrostatic energy and associated damage. Compact set that enables both manual as well as power tool operations. Simple sorting according to profile and size, easy bit removal and reinsertion; with belt clip, 18-piece.

Suitable for manual and power tool operations Smooth hard zones for high speed turning, soft grip zones for high torque transfer Rapidaptor quick-release chuck Tough viscous bits for universal use In robust pouch

Width (mm) 130
Length (L) (mm) 155
Content (pcs) 17
Height (mm) 55
Size 1 x 1/4x119; 1 x PH 1x89; 1 x PH 2x89; 1 x PH 3x89; 1 x PZ 1x89; 1 x PZ 2x89; 1 x PZ 3x89; 1 x TX 10x89; 1 x TX 15x89; 1 x TX 20x89; 1 x TX 25x89; 1 x TX 30x89; 1 x 3.0x89; 1 x 4.0x89; 1 x 5.0x89; 1 x 6.0x89; 1 x 1.0x5.5x89
Weight (g) 546