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Emma Safety shoes Loafer 794560 D 48 S2

  1. ART NR 7G415053
  2. EAN 8715316072604
  3. UBB 500629305524
  4. UNSPSC 46181605
  5. Manufacturer article nr  794560-48

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Package: 1

The safety shoe you'll forget you're wearing. The Venus is a low profile, easy on / easy off shoe that you'll barely notice you're wearing. A good all-round choice for a variety of industries and occupations like Logistics, Food and the Security services. Its smooth, easy to clean contours offer additional hygiene advantages over and above lace up shoes. It's perfect for a 'quick change' from office to factory floor or walking between one facility and another. And, according to many satisfied wearers, it's as comfortable as it is safe.

Size (safety shoes) 48
Safety category S2
Size width D
EN 20345:2011