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Emma Safety shoes Extra high Fornax D 158848 D 39 S3

  1. ART NR 5A158391
  2. EAN 8715316111549
  3. UBB 500672184339
  4. UNSPSC 46181600
  5. Manufacturer article nr  158848-39

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Package: 1

Extra high boots for extra levels of protection. This extra high shoe makes the heavy duty line complete and provides added protection. Now also heat and cold insulated (HI and CI). Ankle protection "Comfort Sponge" with added padding provides a more comfortable feel and better fit. Fornax is very easy to put on and take off; the vertical eyelets on the shoe make lacing laces very simple. Thanks to the new lacing there's no need for a zip.

Size (safety shoes) 39
Safety category S3
Size width D
EN 20345:2011