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Bolt for T-slots DIN 787 8X100

  1. ART NR 79628FIS
  2. EAN 4006209796283
  3. UBB 500616854963
  4. UNSPSC 31161611
  5. Manufacturer article nr  79628

Price per 

Package: 1

Advantages/benefits - The hammer-head nut design allows for quick and easy setting in the rail - The spring effect of the plastic bands guarantees simple and precise positioning in the rail - Installation by rotating 90° enables post-installation in fixed rails - The FHS Clix N's recessed thread marks means that simple length adjustments can be made after installation by using BOL N

Diameter (d-D) M8
Length (L) (mm) 95
Tightening torque (Nm) 5
ISO 299
NF E21-301
DIN 787