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  1. ART NR RRI-T1135RED
  2. EAN 8717981214402
  3. UBB 500619079998
  4. UNSPSC 31191603
  5. Manufacturer article nr  RRI-T1135

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Package: 1

The high speed Red Rooster RRI-T1135 die grinder is specifically destined for grinding and de-burring with hardmetal burrs on a 3mm shaft. The good torque and power ratio of the turbine motor transmit a stable speed of the shaft, even under loads. This is truly a very lightweight and compact die grinder.Use for moulds and dies but also for non-metallic materials. Characteristics: • Low noise-level by means of integrated exhaust-air muffler. • On/Off switch in the hose for flexibility of handling the tool. • Contactless turbine motor ensures long lifetime and low vibration levels. • This grinder can be used with oil-free air.

No-load speed (1st gear/2nd gear) 35000
Air connection (inch) 1/4
Disc ø (mm) 20
Actual airconsumption 3.7 l/sec
Max. air pressure (Bar) 6.3