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3M 8956 Filament tape White 50MMX50M

  1. ART NR 8956503M
  2. EAN 8000280442356
  3. UBB 500614760030
  4. UNSPSC 31201500
  5. Manufacturer article nr  895650

Price per 

Package: 1

Mainly used for holding boxes together on pallets, salvaging torn and damaged boxes, bundling of light weight products, closing and reinforcing of fiberboard boxes.

It guarantees a good closure on very large boxes (household appliances for example). High tensile strength. Good shear strength. Able to withstand rough shipping and handling conditions Transparency provides clear visibility of box graphics, printing and illustrations Tape resists nicks, abrasions, moisture and scuffing

Width (mm) 50
Length (mtr) 50
Thickness 0.131