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Tyrolit Rezný kotúč 125X1,0X22,23

  1. Číslo materiálu 5D479631
  2. EAN 9003172409849
  3. UBB 500683344112
  4. UNSPSC 31191500
  5. Číslo materiálu výrobcu 34332871

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Balenie 25
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This tool is designed for use on both steel and stainless steel. Our BASIC* cut-off wheel 2in1 has an excellent lifetime and stability. The tool is suitable for cutting metal sheets, profiles, pipes, rods and solid material. The 1.6 mm cut-off wheel available in the BASIC* assortment is particularly suitable for fast, convenient and low-burr work. The stable cut-off wheels in thicknesses between 2.0 and 3.0 mm have a very long lifetime and are suitable for universal use.

Flexible use Universal use Environmentally-friendly

Použitie (kov) Nerez;Oceľ / nerezová oceľ;Oceľ
Veľkosť hriadeľa (mm) 22.2
Priemer (mm) 125
Tloušťka disku (mm) 1
Tvar 41