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Loctite Čistiaci prostriedok 7061 400ML

  1. Číslo materiálu 2Y002983
  2. EAN 5010266189864
  3. UBB 500650509606
  4. UNSPSC 23271807
  5. Číslo materiálu výrobcu 195568

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LOCTITE SF 7061 is a non-CFC solvent-based formulation for cleaning and degreasing surfaces to be bonded with LOCTITE adhesives. The product is used as a final pre-assembly cleaning treatment to remove most greases, oils, lubrication fluids, metal cuttings and fines from surfaces to be bonded. Its high solvent power allows it to be very effective in other degreasing or part-cleaning applications.

Obsah (ml) 400
Typ č. 7061