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WD-40 Specialist® Lubricant spray Smart Straw with PTFE 400ML

  1. NUMAR ARTICOL 5O559096
  2. EAN 5032227313965
  3. UBB 500653386549
  4. UNSPSC 15120000
  5. Nr. articol producător 31396

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High Performance PTFE Lubricant contains PTFE which provides excellent lubrication and protection whilst reducing friction and wear, extending the life of tools and equipment. This product can be used on metals, glass, vinyl, rubber and plastic. (certified by NSF: H2)

For the use of metals, glass, vinyl, rubber and plastic Extends life of tools and equipment Reduces friction and wear Long lasting formula provides superior lubrication Withstands temperatures of -20°C to +250°C Dual action Smart Straw applicator for wide area and precision spray applications.

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