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  1. NUMAR ARTICOL E0403.116.240
  2. EAN 4010220001509
  3. UBB 500504884155
  4. UNSPSC 44121618
  5. Nr. articol producător D16S

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Extremely maneuvrable These extremely manoeuvrable snips are best suited for short, straight and curved cuts. Micro-serrations prevent slipping. Cuts small radius curves easily and precisely, even in thin sheet metals. Compound leverage handles require less effort to use. Hand fatigue for the worker is minimized. A great price-performance ratio adds to the savings gained from improved productivity.

No offset to blades, for short, straight and curved cuts with a large radius in both left and right directions Edges with micro-serrations for prevent slipping Available only in left cutting version

Lungime (L) (mm) 240
Lungime tăiere 44 mm