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Milwaukee Broca para metal 8X117MM

  1. Ref. artigo 9S349664
  2. EAN 4002395333349
  3. UBB 500513673862
  4. UNSPSC 23241639
  5. Artigo do fabricante nr 4932363274

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Metal drill bits ground from solid extremely heat resistant cobalt-alloyed high speed steel produced according to DIN 338. Polished finish. Split point shaped cutting tip with 135° angle for improved centering - no center punch required. 5% Cobalt content. Withstands high drilling heat. Type N flute normal angle. Suitable for drilling high alloy content steels and metals with tensile strengths over 1000 N/mm². like heat and acid proof steels and stainless steel. Colour: bronze.

Conteúdo (pcs) 1
Diâmetro (mm) 8
Escala de aperto 75
Comprimento total 117
Tipo de encaixe Round Shank