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M6/13,5 K

  1. Ref. artigo 6U558689
  2. EAN 4042205233377
  3. UBB 500636512567
  4. UNSPSC 31162101
  5. Artigo do fabricante nr 503785

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Advantages . The short brass fixing PA 4 only requires a very low anchorage depth and is therefore the solution for thin board building materials. . The special surface structure of the PA 4 prevents the fixing from rotating in the drill hole. This provides increased installation safety. . The internal thread allows for the use of standard metric screws and enables the ideal adaptation to suit the intended use.

Functioning The PA 4 is suitable for prepositioned installation Turning in the metric screw causes the front part of the brass fixing to expand, thus securely anchoring it in the substrate Calculating screw length for flush fixing installation: Fixing length + fixture thickness = min screw length

  • Comprimento min. parafuso = comprimento da bucha + espessura do obejcto a fixar.
  • Carga admissivel (kN) para uma bucha, válida para parafusos maquinados com valores especificos de rosca.
  • Carga admissivel incluí fator de segurança 4.