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Bahco Pega telescópica BCL135

  1. Ref. artigo 6V573166
  2. EAN 7314150300075
  3. UBB 500696860096
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Artigo do fabricante nr BCL135

Pruning at height made effortless; From 2.2 up to 3 m reach; No need for a harness due to the light weight; Silent and perfect for use in noise sensitive areas; Powerful enough for forestry; 1200 W brushless motor; Magnesium casing with good chip evacuation; Guide system for optimal and constant chain tension; Easy chain tension setting due to the integrated folded wrench; Full day work autonomy; Multiple position orientable head; Stable cut due to the light weight; Safety: Kickback sensor will stop the chain immediately; Auto diagnostic system checks the sensor upon start-up; Double press start-up trigger prevents accidental start-up; Low kickback chain supplied with the tool; Comfort: Weighs 3,4 kg; Minimal effort needed to start the engine, just switch it on; Environmentally-friendly: Noiseless operation; Zero emissions and waste by using biodegradable oil; Cost effective: At least 7 Euro saved per day; No petrol tank to refill, no need to remove the saw to get tension on the chain, no need to search for tools to do it; Low maintenance; Uses up to 30% less chain oil than regular chainsaws

Pruning at height without effort Easy and precise cutting with a reach from 2.2 up to 3.0 meters Constant optimal chain tension from the automatic tensioning device Integrated folding key retightens the chain Chain lubrication adjusted to the cutting force required Versatile multi-position cutting head + 90°/-45° Time and cost savings thanks to its low maintenance Eco friendly, low noise odour free and zero emissions operation