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16X85 K

  1. Ref. artigo 0J073544
  2. EAN 4042205233407
  3. UBB 500636513300
  4. UNSPSC 31161601
  5. Artigo do fabricante nr 503788

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Advantages . The direct installation through the fixture reduces preliminary work wherever there are several fixing points for each fixture, and guarantees a significantly simpler installation process. . The design of the push.through anchor sleeve FIS H K allows for a range of usable lengths with just one product, thus providing maximum flexibility and cost.effectiveness. . The movable edge, in combination with the scale, makes it easier to adapt the anchor sleeve to suit the desired usable length. . The grating structure of the push.through anchor sleeve is adapted for the injection mortars FIS V, FIS VW HIGH SPEED, FIS VS LOW SPEED and FIS VT, and ensures sparing mortar use with the best interlock.

Functioning The system can be used with any of the following injection mortars: FIS V, FIS VT or FIS P Plus FIS P can be used but does not have approvals The injection system is suitable for pushthrough installation when combined with the pushthrough anchor sleeve FIS H K The pushthrough anchor sleeve is adapted to suit the fixture thickness using the scale and the movable edge, and cut as required The anchor sleeve is placed in the drill hole, and filled with injection mortar from the anchor sleeve base It should be ensured that the anchor sleeve is completely filled, including in the fixture region Turning in the anchor causes the mortar to be pushed through the anchor sleeve's grating structure, so that it fits the base material perfectly The load is borne by the interlock