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  1. Kod artykułu 4Q816314
  2. Numer EAN 5733439181228
  3. UBB 500645534024
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Artykuł producenta nr 181228

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Spacious and easily accessible Looking for capacious but space-saving storage for small parts, raaco’s storage bins are the ideal solution. The open boxes give fast and direct access to the contents, so that you can work efficiently throughout the day. The bins are available in several different sizes and are designed to provide easy access to the contents, even with the smallest bins. With raaco’s storage bin systems, you can create customised storage solutions for your workplace. Before you decide on a solution, you should consider how much space you have available. The rotating carousel and floor stand take up very little space and can be placed in the middle of a room, while the wall panels require a relatively large amount of wall space. You can choose between stationary and mobile solutions.

2 wall panels with 24x4-280 bins.

Kolor Galwanizowany/Niebieski
Szerokość (mm) 1040
Zawartość (l/m) 0.01180
Zawartość (pcs) 1
Głębokość (mm) 239
Wysokość 440
Waga (g) 7630