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  1. Kod artykułu 0G225830
  2. Numer EAN 5733439118811
  3. UBB 500645533299
  4. UNSPSC 24112401
  5. Artykuł producenta nr 139328

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CarryLite is a functional range of lightweight boxes that are easy to handle and transport. The CarryLite series consists of sturdy boxes in different heights, made of tough, unbreakable high-quality plastic. At the front, the CarryLite is equipped with two sliding locks that keeps the lid securely closed, while the rear side is equipped with strong external hinges that make the boxes extra tough. The boxes come in two variants, with either partitions or removable inserts that allow you to arrange the compartments as needed. The version with inserts is equipped with a grid at the bottom which restrains the inserts individually, so that it is not necessary to fill the box completely. Equipped with U-profiles inside the lid that keep the contents in place during transport. The transparent lid also makes it easy to identify the contents. Also available with sandwich lid with or without U-profiles. A range of systems is also available to optimise the storage and transportation of the boxes and provide easy access to their contents.

SafeBox empty For CarryLite 55 Fitted with rails mounted on ballbearing and key-lock Made of painted steel.

Kolor Raaco Niebieski
Szerokość (mm) 451
Ładowność 40
Zawartość (l/m) 0.00200
Zawartość (pcs) 1
Głębokość (mm) 330
Wysokość 403
Materiał Stal
Liczba szuflad 4
Waga (g) 12750