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Metabo HSS-CO drill bit 10,5X133MM

  1. Kod artykułu 7X612838
  2. Numer EAN 4007430069177
  3. UBB 500662594612
  4. UNSPSC 31390000
  5. Artykuł producenta nr 627461000

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Pełne opakowanie: 1 sztuk

Precision spiral drill bit made of cobalt-alloyed high-grade high-speed steel according to DIN 338, precision-ground, cylindrical, type N, reinforced core thickness, with crosswise grinding 135° according to DIN 1412 C (from 2 mm), diameter tolerance h8 Bronze surface For exceptional demands and precision work in handcraft and industry For drilling in steel VA-steel, cast steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics, special alloys, chrome vanadium steel up to 1100 N/mm² tensile strength

Zawartość (pcs) 1
Średnica (mm) 10.5
Zakres uchwytu 87 mm
Długość całkowita 133