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  1. Artikelnummer 9M117934
  2. EAN 7314150387946
  3. UBB 500702425603
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Fabrikant artikel nr 4659-FLAT -60

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Verpakking: 1

Use/Application: Masonry, Reinforced Concrete, Natural Stone, Artificial Stone for light renovation and restoration chisel work. Hardened high quality and wear-resistant tool steel. Point chisels are suitable for breakthroughs, wire slots and demolition work. The flat chisel has a higher breaking power than point chisels, making well-directed use possible and allowing most demolition work and breakthroughs. Scraping and spade chisels have a wider working tip which allows more materials to be removed, spades can also be used for removal of hard clay. Hollow chisel, wing and wing canal are different versions created for the precise production of channels in masonry and concrete. Tile chisel is Ideal for removing tiles (floor and wall). Fits directly into all hammer drilling machines with SDS max holders

Kleur Oranje
Aansluitingstype SDS-Max