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  1. Cikksz. 9O513161
  2. EAN 5733439181150
  3. UBB 500645553248
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Gyártó cikksz 181150

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Csomagolás: 1

A system with great stability The 450 Shelving System consists essentially of two parts: shelves and posts. Thanks to the extremely robust construction, each section can be assembled entirely without the use of cross-bracing. The shelves are fitted using just a single screw and bracket per corner – it couldn’t be simpler! Start with a single section, then supplement this with two additional posts and some shelves – now you have two sections. In principle, your solution is infinitely expandable. The more you build on, the more stable your shelving will be. If you combine the shelving system with its associated shelf bins, you can make optimum use of your space. The shelf bins have handles which make them easy to carry and move around. They are also equipped with stop edges, so they can be pulled all the way out without falling out of the shelving. If you equip your shelf bins with dividers, you can sort and label the contents of each compartment clearly. The partitions are rounded at the base, making it easy to get hold of even the smallest items.

Shelving with 54 bins: 13x9031, 30x5-600, 4x2000, 24x6-1100.

Szín Galvanizált/Kék
Szélesség (mm) 920
Tartalom (l/m) 0.00028
Tartalom (pcs) 1
Mélység (mm) 340
Magasság 2000
Polcok száma 13
Súly (g) 59100