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Emma Safety shoes Loafer Vera on yellow D 506534 D 48 S2

  1. Cikksz. 5O147659
  2. EAN 8715316117770
  3. UBB 500672255113
  4. UNSPSC 46181600
  5. Gyártó cikksz 506534-48

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Csomagolás: 1

EXTREMELY COLORED. An easy shoe for wipe clean hygiene. The Vera is one of the easiest to maintain shoes available. The upper is completely washable thanks to a unique microfibre construction. Hygiene was paramount when the shoe was designed and the wipe clean, breathable Vera is sanitized with Hydro-Tec® Sanitized Silver. Stains are resisted, fats and grease are repelled, dirt is dispersed. The shoe's soles have been developed specifically for hard tiled surfaces and the types of easy clean floors commonly found in Food & Catering. If there is a spillage, the Vera will keep you dry and upright at all times.

Szín Fehér
Csúszásmentes Igen
Méret (munkavédelmi cipők) 48
Típus szám 506534
Biztonsági kategória S2
Szélesség D
Varrás anyaga rugalmas
Külső sarokrész PU
Rögzítés típusa rugalmas
EN 20345:2011