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5X65 K

  1. Cikksz. 1J807463
  2. EAN 4042205122510
  3. UBB 500636495326
  4. UNSPSC 31162103
  5. Gyártó cikksz 90926

Ár / 

Csomagolás: 1

Advantages . Due to the extensive range, the HM is suitable for board building materials with a thickness of 3.50 mm and thus suitable for a number of different applications. . The metric internal thread allows the attachment to be removed and refitted several times, thus offering the best possible flexibility. . The HM's expanding arms ensure a large supporting surface, thus allowing a high load.bearing capacity. . The claws around the edge of the fixing penetrate the board building material, preventing the fixing from rotating, thus ensuring a secure installation.

Functioning The metal cavity fixing HM is suitable for prepositioned installation The fixing should be selected based on the thickness of the board building material, to allow the very best expansion in the cavity During installation, the expanding arms swing open and press onto the reverse side of the board The HM can be installed using installation pliers If using a battery operated screwdriver or screwdriver for installation, the preassembled screws must be removed first When screwing in and expanding the fixing, the attachment, or a max 6 mm plate, needs to be used as a turning stop

Hosszúság (L) (mm) 210
Átmérő (mm) 4
  • A HM4x32/ HM5x37/ HM6x37/ HM6x80 szállítása csavar nélkül történik.
  • A HM8x55SS hatlapfejű csavarral szállítva. Az összeszerelés csak a HM Z 1 professzionális befogópofák használatával végezhető el.

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