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3M 5925 VHB tape Fekete 6MMX66M

  1. Cikksz. 8N065263
  2. EAN 4001895841491
  3. UBB 500667409576
  4. UNSPSC 31201500
  5. Gyártó cikksz 59256

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3M™ VHB™ Tape 5925 , 6 mm x 66 m, Black

3M™ VHB™ Tape 5925 utilize a modified acrylic adhesive on both sides of a very conformable adhesive foam core, providing adhesion the broadest range of substrates, including most powder coated paints. In many cases abrasion of surface is not required. Suitable for use in many interior and exterior industrial applications. Black in colour. Temperature range -30°C to +121°C•Clear material is ideal for joining transparent material. Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth, with no unsightly rivet heads or weld marks. Spreads stress load across length of the joint. High dynamic stress absorption reduces vibration and impact stress

Szín Fekete
Szélesség (mm) 6
Hosszúság (mtr) 66
Vastagság 0.64