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Milwaukee Mèches plates 28X160MM

  1. N° ART 5H788595
  2. EAN 4002395332748
  3. UBB 500513596238
  4. UNSPSC 23241639
  5. N° Article du fabricant 4932363143

Fast drilling of big diameters. Suitable for drilling in natural hard and softwood and chipboard. Ideal for door locks, morticing, electrical and plumbing work. 1/4" Hex shank reception (DIN E 6.3) for direct insertion into the power tool or for secure chuck grip. Ground centre point for accurate positioning and sharp wings for improved cutting performance.

Contenu (pcs) 1
Diamètre (mm) 28
Longueur totale 152
Type d'emmanchement ¼ Hex