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Loctite 250ML Bloqueador de roscas

  1. ART NR 5I528417
  2. EAN 5010266000077
  3. UBB 500650492696
  4. UNSPSC 85214003
  5. Artículo del fabricante nr 1266354

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LOCTITE 276 is a green, low viscosity, methacrylate-based threadlocking adhesive with very high strength. It has a fixture time on steel of 3 min, brass 3 min and stainless steel 5 min. Ideal for applications where migration of the adhesive must be prevented. Can tolerate slight contaminations of industrial oils. Suited to nickel surfaces. Fluoresces to allow monitoring.

Anchura (mm) 17.7
Contenido 250
Anchura (L) (mm) 27.4