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  1. ART NR 8Y112258
  2. EAN 3148518545327
  3. UBB 500639760676
  4. UNSPSC 56101509
  5. Artículo del fabricante nr 2938B

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High storage and load capacity. 4 drawers H.50 mm. 1 drawer H.75 mm. 2 drawers H.125 mm. 1 drawer H.175 mm. The drawers can also be fitted with 'XL' modules. High strength 100% opening ball bearing telescopic sliders. 75 kg for small drawers (50/75/100). 120 kg for large drawers (125/175/225) - 2 pairs of sliders. Drawer useful dimensions: L.840 x D.570 x H.50/75/125/175/225 mm. The cabinets are stackable (supplied with linking kit). Safety: - Drawer centralised locking: the drawers are locked simultaneously. (cabinet supplied with 2 keys). - Anti-tilting system: when opened individually, each drawer locks all others. This prevents the cabinet from tipping over. - Ground-anchoring option. Overall dimensions: L.980 x D.680 x H.1000 mm. Weight: 161.5 kg.