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Emma Safety shoes High Patrick D 730846 D 39 S3

  1. ART NR 9M574091
  2. EAN 8715316044625
  3. UBB 500632351424
  4. UNSPSC 46181605
  5. Artículo del fabricante nr 730846-39

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Stay fit, fresh and focused on the job. The Patrick is a higher model of the Paul, it's an all-round, flexible work boot that's tough enough to deal with the majority of work environments. An ideal choice for a wide variety of occupations. From Logistics to Chemicals, to Agriculture and the Security Services, it's an ideal choice when optimal foot protection is required. There's a strong, solid steel plate in the sole and resilient leather uppers to defend the feet from unexpected hazards. Perfectly balanced, anatomical arch support will keep you feeling fit and fresh, all day every day.

Color Negro
Talla (zapatos de seguridad) 39
Tipo nr. 730846
Categoria seguridad S3
Anchura D
Cierre Cordones negro/gris
EN 20345:2011