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Brady Insulated lock ST.STEEL 6PC

  1. ART NR 6V771396
  2. UBB 500671945359
  3. UNSPSC 46180000
  4. Artículo del fabricante nr 805836

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The body and shackle of this padlock are fully insulated against electric shock. The seal body lock, with cylinder cover, protects the 5 pin cylinder from dirt. Shock absorbing vinyl casing also protects painted surfaces.

Color Azul
Anchura (mm) 53
Conductivo No
Llaves incluidas 2
Holgura del grillete (mm) 20.5
Diámetro del grillete (mm) 8.5
Altura del grillete (mm) 24.5
Anchura del grillete (mm) 37.5
Contenido (pcs) 6
Profundidad (mm) 28
Altura 73
Anchura (L) (mm) 53
Número de pinos 5
Peso 182