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WERA 967 L TORX HF 10X85

  1. ART NR 7N404103
  2. EAN 4013288104854
  3. UBB 500643313041
  4. UNSPSC 27111710
  5. Manufacturer article nr  05024162001

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Package: 5
Full Box only

High quality L-keys for recessed TORX® screws. Holding function: the wedging forces resulting from the contact pressure between the drive tip and the screw profile securely hold the screw on the tool. Comes with extra-long arm. The BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, and a long service life. The tools are quickly to hand thanks to the laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings on the L-keys.

L-keys for recessed TORX® screws Holding function for recessed TORX® screws BlackLaser for high corrosion protection and long service life Laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings

Length (L) (mm) 85
Width (mm) 17
Blade length (mm) 85
Content (pcs) 1
Height (mm) 3
No. Torx® T10
Size TX 10x85
Type nr. 967 L TORX® HF
Weight (g) 5
Content of set 967 L TORX® HF L-key with holding function, BlackLaser, TX 10 x 85 mm