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Tyrolit Spiral belt 75X30 K80

  1. ART NR 6W481331
  2. EAN 9003177065774
  3. UBB 500572219003
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  706577

Price per 

Package: 50
Full Box only

TYROLIT spiral belts are used for fine grinding and deburring work, as well as shaping complex workpieces. The combination of zirconium and an additional coolant enables them to be used on many different materials. The variety of grit sizes available means they can be used for very high stock removal or fine grinding.The spiral belts can easily be mounted on an axle or an expandable mandrel. Accessories also form part of our assortment.

Broad assortment Easy handling Above-average grinding duration

Application (metal) Aluminum / Stainless steel / Steel
Diameter (mm) 75
Grits 80
Version (abrasive) ZA