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Tyrolit Grinding wheel 200X8X32

  1. ART NR 1W980790
  2. EAN 9003178049865
  3. UBB 500683206915
  4. UNSPSC 27112700
  5. Manufacturer article nr  804986

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Package: 10
Full Box only

TYROLIT sells a wide assortment of tools tailored to various grinding machines and tooth pitches. They are suitable for dry and wet grinding for HSS, chrome vanadium and stellite saws.The products are available with different edge profiles; shape 1, 1F, 1C, in diameters ranging from 150 to 350 mm.

High profile retention For wet grinding Adapted to the surface requirement

Application (metal) High alloyed steel (hardened) / HSS
Arbor size (mm) 32
Diameter (mm) 200
Thickness disk (mm) 8
Grits 60
Version (abrasive) A
Shape 1F