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Tyrolit Grinding disc 125X23X20

  1. ART NR 0W249380
  2. EAN 9003178429230
  3. UBB 500683211782
  4. UNSPSC 27112700
  5. Manufacturer article nr  842923

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Package: 1

Diamond resin-bonded for dry grinding.With this tool you can grind all tungsten carbide cutting tools for the wood and metal industry and a variety of shear blades. These products are disc and cup wheels in the diamond grain size range D181 - D64.Compared to conventional silicon carbide wheels, diamond wheels exhibit significantly less wear and higher dimensional accuracy.

For tungsten carbide Universal use Long tool lifetimes Cool grinding

Application (metal) Cemented carbide
Arbor size (mm) 20
Diameter (mm) 125
Thickness disk (mm) 23
Grits 151
Version (abrasive) D
Shape 12A2F