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Tyrolit Diamond cutting disc 75X8X20

  1. ART NR 2I221621
  2. EAN 9003176800987
  3. UBB 500683185960
  4. UNSPSC 27112700
  5. Manufacturer article nr  680098

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Package: 1

CNC tool grinding with metal-bonded diamond for wet grinding.With this diamond wheel you can grind all tungsten carbide cutting tools for the wood and metal industry and a variety of shear blades. Grinding wheel sets for complete machining in the diamond grain size range D64 - D46. It is important that this wheel is only used for deep grinding.The perfect combination of grit size, concentration and bond delivers exceptionally long tool lifetimes and a high level of profile accuracy.

For tungsten carbide The best cutting quality Extremely long tool lifetimes High edge retention

Application (metal) Cemented carbide
Arbor size (mm) 20
Diameter (mm) 75
Thickness disk (mm) 8
Grits 54
Version (abrasive) D
Shape 1V1