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Tyrolit Cutting wheel 400X4,5X40

  1. ART NR 8H950208
  2. EAN 9003176230975
  3. UBB 500572051505
  4. UNSPSC 27110000
  5. Manufacturer article nr  623097

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Package: 10
Full Box only

TYROLIT provides the optimal tools for use on large cut-off machines in trade and industry. These include the PREMIUM*** cut-off wheel for steel in large diameters. This special tool is ideal for cutting workpieces with large cross-sections. As with all TYROLIT PREMIUM*** cut-off wheels, this tool has been optimised to achieve the best possible cutting ability and lifetime.Developed for use on manual cut-off machines with electric or petrol engines. Suitable for pure off-hand and guided off-hand applications.

Low cutting costs Reduced load Reduced working times

Application (metal) Steel
Arbor size (mm) 40
Diameter (mm) 400
Grits 30
Version (abrasive) A