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Stud metal end ≈ 1d DIN 938 Steel Plain 8.8 M24X150

  1. ART NR 21560.240.150
  2. EAN 8717077038837
  3. UBB 500644894338
  4. UNSPSC 31161610

Price per 

Package: 1
Diameter (d-D) M24
Length (L) (mm) 150
  • ATTENTION: when ordering studs according to this DIN standard the proper designation is d x L,e.g. stud M10X70 - DIN 938, where the working length L = 70 mm and the thread length on the metal end bm = 10 mm. The overall length of the stud is 70 + 10 = 80 mm. The thread length on the nut end b= 26 mm.
  • The thread tolerance class on the metal end is Sk6 according to DIN 13-51, meaning "transition fit", which prevents loosening of the metal end of the studs during disassembly.
  • In case this transition fit is not wanted, add "Fo" in the designation. These studs have thread tolerance class 6g on both ends and can be supplied as specials.
  • Studs according to DIN 938 with a metal end ≈1d have many applications, but are mainly intended for use in steel counterparts.
Class 8.8
Material Steel
Thread direction Right
Surface treatment Plain
Thread Metric thread
NF E25-135
DIN 938
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b 54
bm≈1d 24
b =L-(x+3) up to L≤ 65
P 3
x 7.5
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