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Spring plungers with slot and ceramic ball Stainless steel, ceramic ball M8

  1. Art nr 58658.080.001
  2. UBB 500689930757
  3. UNSPSC 31162807

Price per 

Package: 10
Full Box only
D M8
Driving features Slotted
Material Stainless steel
Material technical 1.4305
Info Material: Sleeve 1.4305. Ceramic ball Si₃N₄. Spring 1.4310. Version: Bright. Note: The combination of excellent material properties is a special feature of silicon nitride (Si₃N₄). These include, for example, high tenacity and stability, excellent wear resistance and efficient chemical resistance.
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D M8
D1 5
F1 = springiness beginning in N 15
F2 = springiness end in N 30
H 1.5
N 1.2
L 16