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SPIT Anchor bolt Stainless steel A4 8-20

  1. Art nr 70835.080.020
  2. EAN 8715494224086
  3. UBB 500511029406
  4. UNSPSC 31162101
  5. Manufacturer article nr  54610
  • do= Nominal diameter of drill bit.
  • Min. td= Recommended drilling depth.
  • hef= Effective anchorage depth.
  • tfix= Grip range.
  • s = Width across flats.
  • kN = Load in kN.
  • The allowable load is valid for one single anchor, at cracked concrete (tensile zone) with concrete class C20/25, incl. partial safety factor γf= 1,4 and if the Scr, N and Ccr, N are taken in to account.
  • Final calculations should comply with the complete European Technical Approval (ETA), this approval is also available on request.
Material Stainless steel
Material technical A4
Thread Metric thread
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Diameter (d-D) M8
do 8
hef 34
kN 1.7
Length (L) (mm) 70
tfix 20
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