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  1. ART NR 6N922778
  2. EAN 5733439109246
  3. UBB 500645538249
  4. UNSPSC 24112401
  5. Manufacturer article nr  109246

Price per 

Package: 1

Fully protection of electronics. Raacostat takes care for an effective, anti-static protection of high sensitive parts. Fault percentages have fallen off markedly thanks to the use of raacostat products. The raacostat series is constructed of a special plastic containing carbon fibres, which makes the products permanently antistatic. This protection will not diminish over time or through intensive use, and neither will weather conditions or the surroundings in general have any effect on its efficiency. raacostat naturally fulfils the EN 61340-5-1 standard and all other international requirements. Surface resistance: 10 (4)-10 (9) Ω.

ESD Cabinet with 36 drawers, type 150-01 Each drawer can be divided into 6 compartments Earth wire included.

Carrying capacity (kg) 30
Content (l/m³) 0.00140
Content (pcs) 1
Depth (mm) 150
Number of drawers 16
Weight (g) 3653