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Milwaukee Hammer drill bit 16X1000MM

  1. ART NR 3E060951
  2. EAN 4002395376148
  3. UBB 500513588078
  4. UNSPSC 20111603
  5. Manufacturer article nr  4932352956

Price per 

Package: 1

Embedded solid one piece carbide with centering tip for easy spot drilling and long lifetime. Four symmetrical 90° cutting edges guarantee perfect round holes for anchor fixing as well as reduce the risk of the drill bit jamming when hitting rebar. The high volume flute geometry ensures optimum dust removal. 4 spiral flute design provides lowest vibration and low uniform flute wear. Suitable for brick, concrete, reinforced concrete and natural stone. Diameters >. ø. 18 mm have a 3 pc carbide tip. Made in Germany.

Content (pcs) 1
Diameter (mm) 16
Connection type SDS-Plus
Useful length 940
Total length (mm) 1000