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Loctite Thread sealant

  1. ART NR 8Z703411
  2. EAN 5010266383019
  3. UBB 500675563786
  4. UNSPSC 31201601
  5. Manufacturer article nr  540920

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LOCTITE 561 is an white, semi-solid methacrylate thread sealant stick, an ideal toolbox product for maintenance and repair that won’t spill or leak. Fast, reliable curing on metal, tapered pipe threads and fittings with a thread size up to M80/R3”; its breakaway torque rating is 2Nm. This is a low strength product for easy disassembly. Service temperature is from -55 to +150ºC; NSF approved.

Easy to transport. Does not leak. Instantaneous sealing at low pressure, without shrinkage and without risk of clogging of the systems. Low resistance which allows loosening. NSF approval.

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