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Kleenguard Disposable gloves 90093 SZ-L

  1. ART NR C9502.090.093
  2. UBB 500614217510
  3. UNSPSC 27110000
  4. Manufacturer article nr  90093

Price per 

Package: 1

A range of Gloves to protect hands against chemical or mechanical hazards, get the job done safely and help reduce cost. Ideal for: providing PPE category 3 protection against chemical splash in painting, printing, agriculture, car assembly, emergency services, refuse collection and waste handling environments. Available as: ultra-thin, powder-free, latex-free ambidextrous gloves, with beaded cuff for added strength and textured fingertips for improved grip, in a wide size range - XS to XL providing a comfortable fit.

Latex and powder free gloves. Ambidextrous. Textured fingertips enhances wet and dry grip. Good sensitivity for worker dexterity. Chemical Resistant. Food Approved

Class (safety) CAT III
Model G20 Atlantic green
Model (hand protection) G20 Atlantic green
Size (gloves) L
Type nr. 90093
Color Green
EN 374