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KIPP Clamping levers plastic grip, external thread Orange Steel 5.8/plastic Black oxide M10X80X60

  1. ART NR 58094.101.060
  2. EAN 4059245107209
  3. UBB 500689693801
  4. UNSPSC 31162807
  5. Manufacturer article nr  K0269.3102X60

Price per 

Package: 5
Full Box only
A 80
L 60
X M10
Class 5.8
Color Orange
Material Steel/plastic
Surface treatment Black Oxide
Thread Metric thread
Info For many people the Novo·Grip clamping lever represents the key to secure and comfortable gripping. This lever provides a future-oriented and powerful solution for almost any operating and clamping problem. Material: Handle fibreglass reinforced plastic with die-cast zinc toothed ring. Steel parts grade 5.8. Version: Steel parts black oxidized.
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A 80
A1 91.5
B 11
D 16
D1 21.5
D2 23
H 37
H2 24
H3 53.5
H4 58
H1 10
Number of teeth 22
X M10