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Hexagon socket head shoulder screw UNC ASME B18.3 Alloy steel Plain (5/8)3/4X1.1/4

  1. ART NR U07111.075.0125
  2. EAN 8715492895257
  3. UBB 500624172382
  4. UNSPSC 31161605

Price per 

Package: 1
D 3/4
D1 5/8-11
Length (L) (Inch - ft) 1.1/4
  • All dimensions in above table are in inches.
  • Marking of these screws is not mandatory.
  • Due to the unfavourable head geometry these fasteners have reduced loadability.
  • Attention: As the thread tolerance class for these screws is 3A, plating can cause thread fit problems.
Driving features Hexagon socket
Head shape Cylindrical Knurled
Material Alloy steel
Thread direction Right
Surface treatment Plain
Thread Unified National Coarse
ASME B18.3
BS 2470
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A (max.) 1
D1 5/8-11
E 0.875
H (max.) 0.500
J 3/8
Threads per inch 11
D (min.) 0,7460
D (max.) 0,7480
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