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Hexagon nut DIN 934 Stainless steel A2 METALFORM 70 M12

  1. ART NR 51089.120.001
  2. EAN 8715492267900
  3. UBB 950355976081
  4. UNSPSC 31161727

Price per 

Package: 100
Full Box only
Diameter (d-D) M12
Class 70
Driving features Hexagon
Material Stainless steel
Material technical A2
Thread direction Right
Surface treatment METALFORM
Thread Metric thread
  • Sizes with a diameter > M20 are minimal property class 50. Specific features of Metalform:
    • The fixed, slightly visible dry film lubricant reduces the effect of galling.
    • It levels out the big scatter in coefficient of friction and reduces the average value.
    • In a bolt/nut assembly only one product (e.g. the nut) needs to be lubricated with Metalform.
    • The lubricant can easily be removed with a solvent after assembly, there’s no objection against application in the food industry.
NF E25-401
DIN 934
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m 10
P 1.75
s 19
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