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Facom Single spanner rings 54A.30

  1. ART NR 6A973301
  2. EAN 3148511106105
  3. UBB 500638523836
  4. UNSPSC 27111743
  5. Manufacturer article nr  54A.30

Price per 

Package: 1

"Heavy-duty" offset-ring wrenches: wrenches for tight (unlocking, thanks to high strength of the polygonal head and long adaptable handle (to be ordered separately). Ring offset to clear fingers or obstacles. Ideal for series of nuts. Handle to use: 54.M1B for the dimensions 24 and 30 mm 54.M2B for the dimensions 32 to 41 mm 54.M3B for the dimensions 46 to 55 mm 54.M4B for the dimensions 60 to 70 mm. Metric sizes: 24 to 70 mm. Presentation: satin chrome finish.

Jaw width (mm) 48